Comprehensive Ready To Hatch school hatching programme

Living Eggs

Living Eggs provides a comprehensive 10-day hatching programme with pre-incubated ready to hatch eggs delivered and set up in your classroom.  We provide you with an extensive range of teaching materials giving you the resources not only to deliver life cycle education but cover the whole of the curriculum.

We provide all the equipment you need to successfully hatch and care for young chicks, including;

  • 10 certified pathogen free hatching eggs
  • Pat tested and fully reliable incubator set up by our experienced and knowledgeable staff
  • Brooder box and heat lamp designed for a comfortable and safe environment for your chicks as well as being great for observation.
  • Extensive resources, as well as exclusive access to our online resources you will also get a complete manual for the project, additional CD resources and 24 hour support for experienced and dedicated staff.

Please visit our website for more information

Our Ethical commitment;

On completion of your programme all chicks will be rehomed to local free range farms.  Both cockerels and hens are rehomed and regular updates are posted to our facebook page @livingeggsnorthwest  We also allow you to rehome chicks yourselves proving you can commit to the life long welfare needs of the chickens

Expected outcomes

Our tried and tested resources facilitate the meeting of science curriculum objectives as well as application across the whole curriculum.

Resources are tailored to EYFS and KS1-KS3 providing teachers with everything you need to  make the most out this programme.

This is an extremely rewarding experience for everyone invloved

To book this activity, please contact:
Chris Novak
01704 264064

Unit 7, The Old Stables
Mill Lane
L40 8TJ
United Kingdom

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